Using Stevia

To make a liquid Stevia sweetener:

  • ¼ Cup Stevia Leaf Powder
  • 1 Cup warm water
  • Let Set 48 Hours
  • Filter out Stevia Leaf
  • Add to Liquid ¼ Cup Stevia Leaf
  • Let Set 48 Hours
  • Filter out Stevia Leaf
  • Add 1/3 Cup 190 Proof Grain Alcohol
Conversion Table

Granulated Sugar Stevia Leaf Powder Stevia White Extract
1 teaspoon 1/8 teaspoon Dust on spoon
1 Tablespoon 3/8 teaspoon ½ Pinch
¼ Cup 1 ½ teaspoon Pinch
½ Cup 1 Tablespoon 1/8 teaspoon
1 Cup 2 Tablespoon ¼ teaspoon
3.75 pounds 7.2 ounces 0.3 ounces
10 pounds 19.2 ounces 0.8 ounces

Composition of White Stevia Extract Powder

Approximate Composition
Pederson 1987 Nutritional Herbology 377pp

Aluminum 0.0072 Manganese 0.0147
Ash 6.3 Phosphorus 0.318
Beta-carotene 0.0075 Potassium 1.78
Calcium 0.544 Protein 11.2
Chromium 0.0039 Selenium 0.0025
Cobalt 0.0025 Silicon 0.0132
Fat 1.9 Sodium 0.0892
Fiber 15.2 Tin 0.0015
Iron 0.0039 Vitamin C 0.011
Magnesium 0.349 Water 82.3

Stevioside Chemical Composition

Stevioside is a white, crystalline powder extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant. Its chemical identification and quantitative compositions are listed for those with a more scientific interest in the product.


200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar
Heat Stable to 198 degrees Celsius
Flavor enhancer


Stevioside content: >90%
Optical Rotation: -37 o
Absorbence: .046
Ash: <0.2%

What people are saying about Stevia

Subject: Stevia
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 18:36:25 -0400

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to thank you for your incredible Stevia Product. I have tried Stevia from many sources but nothing that even comes close to the quality you sell. I had stopped drinking my favorite coffee with Stevia because I thought I had lost my taste for coffee. Then I used your product and realized it was the poor quality Stevia I had purchased in the health food store.  I am recommending this product to all my patients.

Best wishes,
Dr ** ** OD

Subject: New Variety Stevia Incredible!
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000

Hi Steve,

I just feel that I have to let you know how satisfied I am with this new variety you are offering. Added to coffee in the grounds filter holder they impart as sweet and clean a taste as one could desire. In tea the results are the same. With the bitterness undetectable the resultant subjective sweetness seems 2 -3 times as sweet as the original variety. Thanks loads for the tips.


Dr. Julian Whitaker
Dr. Whitaker’s Newsletter, Dec. 1994

“Stevia…is not only non-toxic, but has several traditional medicinal uses. The Indian tribes of South America have used it as a digestive aid, and have also applied it topically for years to help wound healing. Recent clinical studies have shown it can increase glucose tolerance and decrease blood sugar levels. Of the two sweeteners (aspartame and stevia), stevia wins hands down for safety.”
Leigh Broadhurst, Ph.D
Chemist and Nutritional Consultant

“All the benefits of saccharin and none of the drawbacks. When used correctly, stevia doesn’t have a taste…it’s just sweet, unlike saccharin, which becomes quickly bitter when overused. Much more concentrated than aspartame.”
Robert C. Atkins, M. D.
From Dr. Atkins “Health Revelations” Newsletter, April 1994

“Stevia has virtually no calories. It dissolves easily in water and mixes well with all other sweeteners…I used it myself in delicious homemade ice cream that is extremely low in carbohydrates.”