Nature's Sweetener

A plant whose sweetness far exceeds that of sugar,
A product with Zero calories, with
A traditional medicinal reputation.

Order Stevia Plants

Our Stevia plants are grown from cuttings, not from seed. Our stock is an offshoot of the research project that the Canadian government ran for many years. While our plants are not derived from the last ones developed in the course of that project (which are patented), they are of very high quality and far better than stevia plants grown from seed.


Order Stevia Products

Stevia, the natural sweetener used by many as a healthy alternative to aspartame, is now better than ever. By reducing the amount of stevioside and increasing the amount of Rebaudioside A (Reb A) content in the plant, we have eliminated the bitterness or aftertaste that some consumers experience when using Stevia.


Order Stevia Books

We have Stevia Sweet Recipes book by Jeff Goettemoeller. This is good healthy Mid-West cooking. We have Stevia Naturally Sweet by Rita DePuydt which is a wonderful collection of low-sugar, whole food recipes. We have the best "How To" herb book on the market Herbal Defense by Robyn Landis and Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa.